EAR TRAINING Level 1 - Memorizing Intervals

Andrew answers this weekend's question about how to understand and practice relative pitch as well as the differences between Perfect Pitch and Relative Pitch...

Viewers Question:
Q: What is relative pitch - is it the same, or different than perfect pitch. Also, which one is best to learn as a guitarist and can you give any tips for practicing ear training techniques.

- Martin

A: Perfect Pitch is the ability to recognize the actual tonal name of a note from only hearing the given note being played; i.e., Knowing that a note just performed was actually an "Eb."

Relative Pitch is the ability to recognize the intervalic distance between two notes; i.e., Hearing an "F" note then hearing an "Ab" after one another, and knowing that the interval between them is that of a Minor 3rd.

Andrew discusses the way musicians can develop a keen sense of relative pitch through a series of association exercises.