RHYTHM GUITAR 006: Feeling Simple & Compound Time

June 01, 2018:
Feeling Simple and Compound Time

 NEW  The sixth lesson of "Rhythm Guitar" explores the world of simple and compound time.

Four examples cover feels of common time (4/4), the triple feel of 6/8, cut-time groove of 2/2 and the blues ballad feel of 12/8.

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PART ONE:  In example one, 4/4 time, (the most popular rhythmic groove used in common music), is applied using a collection of eighth-notes, eighth-rests, ties and quarter rests.

In example two, 
a compound meter groove in 6/8 time is the focus. The beat in 6/8 is felt as two attacks (tap your foot two times), with the dotted quarter note receiving the count. Over each beat, we apply 3 eighth-notes. Each measure contains six eighth-notes. 

In example three, our feel shifts over to the cut-time groove. In this groove the beat is felt at a slower rate and pace. The cut-time feel is based upon a count of two in each bar, but the half-note is the note that is receiving the count.

In example four, the feel of the Blues ballad (12/8 groove) applies a feel that is often related to the style of slow Blues ballads. In this style, the pulse is felt with four beats per measure. Each beat is felt with three eighth-notes.

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