QwikRiffs #012 - Funky Seventh Chord Riffs in "F Major"

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Episode #012 covers three "Funky F Major" Riffs.

Riff one begins with a common funk jam of the tonic to VI-Chord. In the key of "F Major" this gives us the chords of "Fmaj7" to "Dm7." An "F Major Pentatonic" passing phrase lends a connection between each chord.

Riff two allows for some syncopation to tie together several chords of the key. These include; "Am7, Gm7, Bbmaj7 and the C7. Along with all of the additional harmony, further application of the "F Major Pentatonic" connecting statements helps form smooth funky dynamics between the parts. 

Riff three brings in one of the most common ideas for funk guitar, the "Scratch Rhythm." This technique is also often referred to as "Ghost Notes." In riff three, the 16th-note groove is intermittently highlighted with scratches over the "Gm7" and "C13" chords in measure one. Short passing phrases connect each of the measures.

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