QwikRiffs #014 - Altered Chords for Jazz Riffs in "Eb Major"

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Episode #014 covers three "Altered Chords for Jazz" Riffs.

Riff one takes the V-chord of our key of "Eb Major," (the "Bb7" chord), and adds augmented 5th and 9th tones into the chord structure. These alterations are placed into a typical "II-V-I" chord progression, (Fm7 - Bb7 - Ebmaj7), within the key.

Riff two expands the chord movement within the key using a "IV-II-V7-I" progression, (Abmaj7, Fm7, Bb7, Ebmaj7). The V-chord is altered using a "flat-five." The alteration occurs on the "Bb7" chord as a, "Bb7b5."

Riff three examines the use of the Dominant 7th "flat-nine" on the keys "V-chord." This creates "Bb7b9." Plus, the progression also adds the passing chord sound of "Secondary Dominant." This occurs through the keys "VI-chord." The diatonic "Cm7" has been converted to "C7" and I've added a "b5" altered tone, producing a "C7b5."

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