Reverse String Bending...

Reverse String Bending

Learn techniques for how a bend can be performed in reverse creating a unique effect of a note sounding like it's crying.

In this lesson, we'll work on a unique idea associated to string bending called the, "Reverse Bend." Also, sometimes referred to as a, "Pre-Bend" (or a "Bend Release").

When a guitarist bends up on a string's note, (without striking it) and plays that note while it is bent up, but then drops the note down, that is a "Reverse Bend."

This technique is a very noticeable sounding style of guitar string-bending. Once mastered, (and added into a guitarists repertoire), Reverse Bending will become a fantastic additional tool for use in both songs, and during improvisation
PART ONE: In the first example, a longer duration of sound is applied with the Reverse Bend technique. Blended Full and Half-Step Reverse Bends are used in a melodic phrase in the key of "C Minor."

Example two combines the 8th-Note and Grace Note concept to create a Reverse Bend inspired line in the key of "D Minor." The effect of the faster Reverse Bend provides a nice attention getting tool for composers and improvisers. The result is a punchy type of sound from this application.

PART TWO: Example three introduces the "Double-Stop" sound into the world of Reverse Bends. A collection of different Double-Stop ideas are applied across a key of "G Major" melody. Both long and short sustains are mixed through three bends to create nice variation in the melodic phrasing. 

Example four uses the sound of the "Pre-Bend /Sustain" to strengthen the effect of the entrance of the melody line. This sound quickly catches the listener's ear until the drop of the note. In the third measure (of this key of "A Major" melody) a Grace-Note reverse bend occurs to add some punch to the part before the lines resolution into an "E Major" Double-Stop.

Reverse String Bending

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