Upper String Chord Sweeps (Sweep Picking)

GuitarBlog: Upper String Chord Sweeps (Sweep Picking)...

Sweep Picking across small triad shapes is a very cool sound that can be applied into both instrumental melodies and in solos. 

Sweep picking technique is however not exactly an easy technique to perform and will require a lot of practice to end up sounding smooth and flowing. 

When it comes to connecting chords with sweep picking, slides are a great way to link the shapes and slides will also really help with generating a fluid sound. 

This weeks lesson contains several sweep picked examples on the upper strings. Work on all of these examples very slowly and use a metronome to maintain a uniform sweep across the strings. 

Over time, your sweep picking skills will get better and eventually, you will find yourself using this idea in all kinds of different ways. Enjoy the lesson!

Upper String Chord Sweeps

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