The Top 5 Craziest Music Biz Lawsuits Ever!

We take a look at five of the most outrageous and ridiculous lawsuits in music brought on by the musicians, their labels, and a couple of crazy fans. Enjoy.

#1).  P. Diddy vs Crazy New York Resident:
A woman sued P. Diddy for a trillion dollars for knocking down the Twin Towers in New York City, (no need to re-read that, it’s exactly what it sounds like). She also sued Puff for $900 billion in child support payments and another $100 billion for loss of income.

Even with all that money, we don’t think she could afford the help she truly needs.

#2).  RIAA vs Larry Scantlebury:
Larry Scantlebury, (a Vietnam veteran who liked to read books in his spare time and spoil his wife and grandchildren), was sued by the RIAA for allegedly stealing their content. The case was drawn out so long that Scantlebury passed away before it had been settled.

However, instead of just dropping the case, Warner’s representatives told the mourning family that they had 60 days to grieve, before they would alter the lawsuit and then come after Larry's family instead! ...Real nice.

#3).  Broken Home vs Fantasia:
In 2010, American Idol runner-up Fantasia was sued by the wife of her lover for being a ‘home wrecker’. ‘Alienation of affection’ was the exact complaint issued by the scornful wife, a law in the Southern states that allows spouses to sue the other women in an unwarranted love triangle. The judge eventually found in favour of Fantasia.

#4).  Slipknot vs Burger King:
The only band to ever wear masks, (not), Slipknot, threatened to sue fast food giants Burger King, when the franchise released the ad ‘Coq Roq’ featuring heavy metal chickens donning masks in promotion of a new burger.

Burger King responded in their own legal fashion, demanding they be exempt from any lawsuits related to the ‘Coq Roq’ stating that the Coq Roq band was fictitious, visually and musically bore little resemblance to Slipknot's style, and at best was a general parody of heavy metal bands that wear masks or try to achieve a mask-like effect, such as Mushroomhead, KISS or GWAR. Both suits were eventually dropped.

#5).  Mattel vs Aqua
Aqua gained much publicity with their 1997 hit 'Barbie Girl', unfortunately toy giants Mattel were also paying attention as the name of their corporate creation was being plastered about all over radio.

They were less than impressed with Aqua’s use of one of their most iconic brands and attempted to sue. The case was promptly dismissed however; with the judge officially stating ‘the parties are advised to chill’.


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