Micro Lesson 134: "G Major" Country-Folk Guitar Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 134"

This Micro Lesson covers a fun open-string sounding Country-Folk riff in the key of "G Major." 

The riff explores the use of several finger-picked arpeggiated organized segments of the; Root, IVth and Vth (G, C, D), chords of the key of "G Major."

In measure one the, "G Major," chord is performed as a finger-picked pattern using the 6th string bass-note of, "G" against upper 4th through 1st string chord tones. 

In measure two the, "C Major," chord appears and applies several busy sixteenth and grace-note ideas around the structure of the "C Major." 

Measure three brings back in our root chord of "G" with open 4th and 3rd string concepts filling up a punchy "G Major" effect. 

The progression wraps-up with the V-chord of the key moving back into the root "G Chord" once again. This progression should be performed finger-style to achieve the best technical response from the arpeggio patterned chord movements. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 134: "G Major" Country-Folk Guitar Riff


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