Micro Lesson 132: "Ab7 Chord" Diminished Scale Jazz Lick

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 132"

This Micro Lesson explores the use of the Diminished Scale with an, "A Diminished Scale," lick that can cover the sounds of an "Ab7" chord. 

The diminished scale is a very interesting sound. While it can be used over a diminished chord, it can also be superimposed over Dom.7 Harmonies. 

This can be done by using the scale whose root is one 1/2 step higher than the dominant chord you want to improvise over. This not only gives us the chord tones of the Dom.7 chord, but it also gives us a "b5" and a "13." 

In the lick found within this micro-lesson, we find chord tones of the Maj. 3rd, flat 5, 5, 13 b7 and the chords root... all in measure one. 

Record the Ab7 chord and play the lick over the chord. It's a very interesting sound that offers a ton of cool jazzy flavor. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 132: "Ab7 Chord" Diminished Scale Jazz Lick


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