Micro Lesson 129: "G Major" Country Guitar Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 129"

This Micro Lesson covers a country guitar riff in the key of "G" Major. 

The riff applies plenty of open strings combined with the techniques of slides, and hammer-ons. 

The initial opening idea in measure one applies an open 4th-string hammer-on creating the harmony of a "G Major" chord. It quickly shifts into the "D Major" chord harmony and uses a selection of open-strings to bring in the second measure. 

The "B Minor" chord begins the second half of the riff with another open 4th-string hammer-on. The chords of "C Major" and "G Major" wrap-up the riff pulling things back around the to the top for the repetition of the riff. 

Take your time developing all of the fingering and the articulations. It's not a fast riff, but learning how to get the parts to flow smoothly will likely take some time. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 129: "G Major" Country Guitar Riff


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