Micro Lesson 126: "D Mixolydian" Open-String Melody

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 126"

This Micro Lesson runs through an open-string finger-picked melody in "D Mixolydian." 

The melody idea is covering a series of chord harmonies built from the root of a "D" fourth string. 

The melody begins from the first measure with a "D Suspended 4th" chord outline playing through the chord tones of "D, A and E." 

Measure two covers a, "D dominant 7th," and a "D7 (sus4)." The notes being applied are, "D, C and F#" on the "D7."  And, "D, C, and G" on the "D(sus4)." 

Measure three carries on with another voicing of a suspended 4th, applying two registers of "D" notes and a high "G." 

In the final measure we round things out with a "D Power-Chord." The entire melody idea is fairly easy to develop. The only challenge will be the stretches and performing the  position shifts smoothly and accurately. After the shapes are memorized, use a metronome to build the speed. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 126: "D Mixolydian" Open-String Melody


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