Micro Lesson 125: "F# Mixolydian" Classic Rock Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 125"

This Micro Lesson breaks down a really fun to play Classic Rock Riff in the key of "F# Mixolydian." 

The riff pushes through several power chords in the key of "F# Mixolydian" generating a very busy movement as we flow across the riff. 

In measure one, the riff begins from off of our root chord of "F#." And, using the "F# Major Pentatonic Scale" we then punch into our next chord using a low-register riff. 

In measure two, the "VII" chord of "E" appears and is highlighted with a higher register Pentatonic lick.  Try keeping the low 6th-string open "E" ringing out over the upper register lick to beef-up the overall harmony.

In measure three, the  IV chord of, "B" appears. This chord is accented using scratch rhythms and "6th interval" double-stop slides. 

Finally, in measure four, we wrap-up with a fairly straight-forward power-chord turnaround from the II chord into the VII chord, ("A5" to "E5"). 

Be sure to become well acquainted with the fingerings for all of the filler licks prior to building up the speed. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 125: "F# Mixolydian" Classic Rock Riff


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