Micro Lesson 123: "Key of A" Memphis Blues Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 123"

This Micro Lesson covers a very cool Memphis-style Blues Guitar Riff in the Key of "A." 

The riff operates around an open, "A," fifth string, and an open "D" fourth string, so try and let each string ring out as much as possible. 

One important sound in this riff are the slides. The riff has slides to both the 3-note chords outlining the 7th-chord harmonies, and to the double-stop sixth intervals. These slides are vital to the sound of the riff and need to be played so that the slide effect is both clear and well defined. 

Be sure to take your time in each measure as you learn this riff. It is comprised of several swift movements. Upper tones and the pick-up notes are busy and require a well memorized flow to achieve a smooth sound. 

After learning the concept of the riff that covers the sound of the, "A," chord, start learning the, "D," riff. The differences on the, "D," chord's riffs are many. Including a very different chord fingering and a large position shift in order to take care of the double-stop idea. 

Take your time with both harmonies. Commit the phrases to memory and use a metronome to build your speed. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 123: "Key of A" Memphis Blues Riff


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