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This week on the GuitarBlog we work on playing through three challenging Jazz Chord Workout exercises. 

The exercises begin with the seventh chords, then move on to using chord extensions and finally progress to working on altered chords. 

When I work with my own students I like them to understand that the foundational chords will be the Major 7, Minor 7 and the Dominant 7th chords. Once these chords are well developed, I will add the 9th, 11th and 13th chords next. 

After working on the extended chords, there are the more challenging altered chords like b9, #9, b5 and #5. It will take awhile to learn them all, but once you learn these, you'll be playing jazz tunes in no time.. Enjoy the lesson!

Jazz Chord Workout

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  1. Andrew, honestly THIS is probably one of the BEST YouTube lessons you've ever made. I'd love to see more ideas like this with scales, arpeggios, more chords etc. Just Brilliant !!! Thank you.

  2. I'd also like to see more lessons like this. The format is really good for learning. I also really enjoy your "Micro Lessons." These broken down "workout style" of ideas are great.