Guitar World Rounds Up 17 Amazing Practice Amps...

If you play an electric guitar, your wood-shedding sessions demand an amp that not only reveals the details and nuance of your playing but also sounds great — so great that it makes you want to practice more and become the best guitarist you can.

Of course, it’s even better if it has built-in effects, a tuner, a metronome, and connectivity to the world of digital apps, downloads and MP3 players.

With that in mind, Guitar set out to find the best-sounding and best-outfitted practice amps currently on the market. Follow this link, and you’ll find practice combos and heads that pull double-duty as studio and rehearsal powerhouses and others that offer computer, USB, Bluetooth, iOS and Android connectivity.

Whether you love an all-tube rig, solid-state power, or feature-laden digital/modeling amps, you’re sure to find that one of these tone machines makes practice perfect. Read More...


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