Which Guitar Brand Does The Edge from U2 Play?

With the recent news that U2's "The Edge" and "Bono" have been signed-on to join Fender's board of directors, and be involved working on new ideas with Fender Inc., a big question has arisen as to; "Which Brand Guitars Does The Edge from U2 Actually Play?"

If you immediately guessed Gibson, you'd be on the right track... In over 50% of the images posted online, The Edge is playing the, "Gibson," brand of guitars. Most notably his Gibson Explorer and many others from his extensive Gibson Les Paul collection. Below is a quick breakdown courtesy of Strum School.com of what The Edge has become famous for in terms of his guitars...

David Howell Evans, better known as The Edge, has been the guitarist for the band U2 since its inception in 1976. Throughout the years, The Edge has played a myriad of different guitars. While on tour, The Edge takes 45 guitars on the road with him, often playing up to 17 different ones in a single night. He personally owns over 200 different guitars.

Evans’ most notable and oft played guitar is the Gibson Explorer electric guitar in heritage cherry. With the Gibson Explorer, The Edge often uses the Vox AC30, which is a guitar amplifier that produces high-end, shimmering sounds. The Edge uses many other Gibson guitars in addition to the Explorer as well. He uses a Gibson Custom Shop 1954 Les Paul Goldtop VOS in antique gold, and a Gibson ES-335 Dot Plain-top electric with a gloss finish in vintage sunburst.

The Edge often plays non-Gibson branded guitars as well. His other go-to’s include Fender Telecasters and Stratocasters. His favorites are a Black Stratocaster with a rosewood neck, and a 1973 Fender cream Stratocaster with a maple neck.

He also occasionally plays a Gretsch guitar, the G6-122 1959 Chet Atkins Country Gentleman electric with a walnut stain.

For acoustic numbers, The Edge plays a Gibson acoustic, the Pete Townshend J-200 acoustic-electric guitar, in antique natural. He also plays a Gibson SJ-200 standard acoustic-electric guitar in vintage sunburst. The Edge also plays a Martin D12-28 12-string dreadnought guitar.


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