VIDEO: Guitar Faces!

This new music video for Eugene McGuinness is absolutely hilarious. In fact, it get's to the very heart of what it might mean when someone says that they are “rocking out”. We might even go as far as to say that this video for Godvia is the definition of “rocking out”.

Directed by  ThirtyTwo, (Pulse Films), the video is described as a “guitar face portraiture project”, and that is exactly what it is. A series of slow-motion close-ups of the concentrated grimaces that dudes, being dudes, make while they rock out on their guitars.

The whole thing is strangely familiar, reminiscent perhaps of the recent Dutch electronic dance music video by ADAM that’s taken the internet by storm over the last few weeks, (but a geeky, satirical version).

The intense guitar picking and impressive head-banging is at hilarious odds with the stripped-back guitar of the track. However, if watching the video only leaves you with wanting to practice your own, "Guitar-Face," then you may wish to enlist some help from one of the true masters of the art-form below...


  1. The people selected and the faces they make are dead on. Exactly the types of faces I'd expect from the very people making them. Not sure if my comment makes sense to anyone but me..... But, that's my thoughts on this video. Very cool video!