Singer /Songwriter Get's Even When US Airline Lost His Guitar...

Most people have experienced the hassles and inconveniences that airlines subject their customers to without liability. We simply take it on the chin whilst secretly vowing to wreak terrible vengeance on the offending company, but Michigan folk singer /songwriter "American Opera," took a slightly different route.

On the way to record my new album US Airways lost my gate-checked guitar and has not replaced it. This is my ode to them and their fantastic service,” writes the folk singer-songwriter in the description to what he has titled his song, "Ode to US Airways," otherwise known as; Lost My Guitar.

Set to the sound of tenderly strummed guitar chords, delicate piano notes, and a shuffling drum beat, American Opera aka John Bee sings the sweet refrain:

Well, you lost my guitar / And I hate your f***ing guts, I want to kick you in the nuts / Because you lost my guitar / So suck it.

Bee is asking fans to purchase the song on iTunes so that he can afford to replace the guitar that was lost by the Airline.

John Bee: Thanks to everyone who has been asking about my guitar. US Airways still hasn't done anything to rectify the situation... but, I will not allow them to spoil what I have worked so hard for. My plan right now is to sell enough copies of this new album to buy US Airways and then give every passenger a free guitar. Let's do it!


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