Gibson unveils two new Les Pauls...

Gibson unveils two new Les Pauls...
The Supreme and Southern Rock '59 arrive together...

Gibson has announced two new Les Paul models, the Les Paul Supreme and the Southern Rock Tribute 1959 Les Paul. 

The Supreme is about as ostentatious a Les Paul as we've ever seen, boasting a AAAA grade maple top with custom binding and f-holes, a floating humbucker at the neck and 492T at the bridge, mother of pearl inlays and a general air of superiority. Which is well deserved, with an SRP of US $5339.

The Southern Rock Tribute 1959 Les Paul meanwhile pays tribute to a genre with a unique 'reverseburst' finish that leaves a heart shape around the bridge, a custom Southern Rock medallion on the reverse of the body, '59 style neck profile and a pair of custom humbuckers. This little Southern Rocker will set you back US $6853.

For more information visit the official Gibson site.


  1. Reverse burst? With a heart? C'mon gibson...that is a horrible idea. I love the semi hollow lp....but $6 grand? I don't think so.