ARTIFACT: The Business of Music, Circa 2014...

The “record business” as we knew it 20 years ago has ceased to exist...

If you'd like to have a good look into the current state of today's music industry, then I highly recommend the documentary, "Artifact," which chronicles the seemingly endless struggles between Jared Leto’s band Thirty Seconds to Mars and their record label.

The industry, (as it operates in 2014), has changed the career trajectories of many professional musicians. Plenty of absolutely fantastic musicians, (who jumped into the business because it was once potentially lucrative and creatively satisfying), have left, and are now selling insurance, real estate, or something else altogether.

If you are in the music biz in 2014, you are most likely doing it because you love music more than you love money.

Over the years I've worked with dozens of great singers, storytellers, songwriters and instrumentalists who were all very talented and all trying to become the next big thing. Today, in 2014, I'm not exactly sure of what starting-out as a band and trying to “make it” actually looks like anymore. I can tell you this much... most signed bands these days probably have some form of a 360 deal, where the label shares in all of the revenue, including merchandise, live gigs, etc. And, this is generally NOT a good deal for the band /musician... It is however EXCELLENT for the big music corporations!

If you've ever done any; label showcases, (playing for guys in suits with their arms folded)... If you've ever spent hours away from your friends and family, (and thousands of your hard-earned dollars), working day and night in a recording studio to make something great, or if you've ever spent days and days on the highway touring all over in a beater van... This documentary is a MUST watch movie!

Having spent my twenties and my thirties on various versions of the music business roller-coaster ride, I have to say, that I really enjoyed this documentary about the band "30 Seconds to Mars", describing their personal experience in the music business. Check out the movie trailer below...

Telling harsh truths about the state of our modern music business, they've created a riveting documentary that gives an intimate look into the band as they fight a relentless $30 Million lawsuit with record label Virgin/EMI and as they struggle to write songs for their album "This Is War."

Opening up their life for the camera during some very tough months of excruciating pressures, the band members reveal the harsh struggles they must face over questions of art, money and integrity. I highly recommend this film!


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