Play These 10 Notes Before Doing ANYTHING!

If you play these 10 notes before every guitar practice session I guarantee that you will get better picking technique in no time. I’m not talking about a secret exercise that nobody knows about. This is a very straight forward scale drill that is only 2 bars long... 





All the pros have worked on these types of picking drills at some point because developing them will make a huge difference in how the left and right hands interact. 


With an exercise like this one, the balance between each hand improves along with an increase in the general feel for steady accurate picking. 


Remember, the hand that we're really focused on working in this study is the pick-hand.






That said, it’s not going to be easy to develop this exercise. In this video, I’m going to make sure that you aware of your own efforts that will be required. 


And, you'll also need to keep in mind that through the development of this drill, (and through the course of learning this drill) I hope it becomes revealed to you how much more that your picking can improve along the way. 


In this post, I am going to give you one of the keys to getting great left and right hand picking control. This is an exercise that you can do before playing anything on guitar. 





The best part is that this exercise is only 10 notes so it takes very little time out of your day to do. Plus, this drill provides you with the benefits of getting a solid development established out of your picking, as well as your fretting skill. 


Overall the exercise is a well-balanced technical drill that applies a picking workout across three strings while operating in multiple fret positions performed laterally.


The bottom line is that this drill allows you to get a great picking workout anyplace on the fingerboard. Let’s get things started by introducing the exercise to you right now so that you can start becoming clear on exactly the way it works.


Example 1): The 10-Note Picking Study (overview)



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Example 2): The 10-Note Picking Study (lateral movement)



Example 3): The 10-Note Picking Study (vertical movement)  


Picking studies like this one are excellent for developing higher levels of skill between the left and the right hands... And, one book that you might want to consider looking into getting is the, “Al DiMeola - Picking Techniques Book.” 


Hal Leonard still publishes it. And, it covers several ideas like this one! And, I know that when I first worked through this book years ago, it made a big impact on my guitar picking technique.




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