FIVE Guitar Exercises that Change EVERYTHING! (DO THESE)

Guitar Technique workouts and their exercises can be a real lifesaver when it comes to better guitar playing! Especially those times when you're feeling like your technique is not helping you play as accurately as possible and its not getting you to the notes that you need to perform.

In this video, I’m going to give you a "Total Guitar Workout" routine with EVERYTHING you need for perfecting your left and right hand coordination and dexterity. These exercises will include workouts for each hand and help you build greater flexibility and more accuracy.

The key to the effectiveness of your guitar technique workout is that it must pair every exercise together in a way that allows you to train for greater excellence within the technique that you need to improve. This means, the more exercises the better.

Remember each technique must improve to a higher degree than would be possible if you only stuck with just one single exercise. Also, keep in mind that the workouts need to be brief (3-5 min.), and be sure to always use a metronome.

In this lesson we’re going to continue with the ongoing study of Guitar Technique. This topic is one of the most widely requested topics because not only is having good guitar technique in high demand for guitar players, but it’s a necessity.

Without good technical skill everything else we want to accomplish as guitar players will feel more difficult. So, in this lesson we’re going to focus on a group of exercises that target the picking hand and the balance, as well as, coordination for tracking notes you pick.

Plus, along with that, we’ll also have a couple of great exercises for developing more accuracy and control for the agility level of the fretting hand.

So, let’s get started with learning these FIVE guitar exercises that will start making serious changes to everything you play…

Exercise 1).
Picking study on 2-strings (movable laterally)

Exercise 2).
4-fret “in-position” triplet picking study in 5/4 time


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Exercise 3).
Horizontal Pattern Re-location (5th to 7th to 10th)

Exercise 4).
Inline finger-shifting for fret-hand accuracy and control

Exercise 5).
Interval study for fret-hand flexibility (play along the neck)

Okay guys so there’s your 5 guitar exercises for both the picking hand and the fretting hand.

They offer a number of ways to help you improve your coordination, get you better at your dexterity and also help you improve the left and right hand accuracy.

When it comes to playing your music more freely you’ll have done some really excellent work on having a much better sense of balance between the hands. And doing this work will just simply give you better overall strength and performance across everything that you play.



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