Do This ONE Exercise Everyday (Master: KEYS, HARMONY, PICKING)

If you have a poor "notes on the neck" knowledge base, or perhaps if you don't know your musical keys, or maybe you just need some more work on your Hybrid finger-picking technique... whatever it is, you are already very likely aware of it and you're looking for a quick, easy fix...

In this video, I am going to show you one simple exercise that you can do everyday to help you better understand your keys, the notes on the neck and perform better Hybrid /finger-picking technique.

Doing this one simple exercise everyday will work toward a guarantee that you will notice an immediate change in your ability to; know notes, play harmony, learn your keys and develop better Hybrid picking skill and more!

This one exercise will have you re-organizing your ability to know the notes of the neck, learning your key signatures and feeling better overall about your accuracy for picking technique.


In this lesson I will be showing you guys a really fantastic exercise that’s so easy, you can do it every day to be able to learn 3 valuable skills that are both musical and technical.

  • Keys
  • Harmony
  • Picking

For this exercise we’ll take a key signature, we’ll practice a 2-note chord harmony for the key (traveling both horizontally and vertically along the neck), and we’ll do it using a series of Hybrid picked major and minor intervals.

When you get this exercise down, you’ll be able to use it to develop; a memory for your key signatures, along with the key’s 2-note chords (directly related to the key’s harmony), and you’ll get better with the technical skill behind plucking two notes simultaneously using Pick and Middle Finger, (also known as “Hybrid Picking”).

Once you learn this exercise, and keep it up in your routine (for about a month), you’ll not only memorize your key signatures, (along with your 2 note harmony related to the key), but you’ll also gain a ton more accuracy for plucking 2-notes using Hybrid Picking technique.

Let’s get started by learning how to lay out this exercise in the key of “C Major.” Be sure to watch the video where we’ll zoom in on the neck and I’ll break it all down for you step by step covering the example keys.


Exercise 1).
The Key of "C Major"

1st Phase Chord Sequence:
  • "C" Major (the Root)
  • "B" Minor (the first interval of Diminished)
  • "A" Minor (the 6th chord)
  • "G" Major (the 5th chord)

Example 1a).

Optional 2-note Chord Location for "G Major":

Example 1b).

2nd Phase Chord Sequence:
  • "F" Major (the 4th chord)
  • "E" Minor (the 3rd chord)
  • "D" Minor (the 2nd chord)

Example 2).

Optional Chord Locations:
Being highly aware of other chord locations is an important aspect to take into consideration at all times with this exercise.

As we noticed above in exercise 1a and exercise 1b, the location of, (in this case "G" Major), was given two separate locations on the fret-board. Be aware of this and compensate for the span of the fret-board when necessary.

Now we’ll take this exercise over to a new key signature and we’ll learn how to transfer playing this exercise in the new key moving things along the entire length of the neck (just as we had done with the key of “C Major”).

Only this time, we’ll be using a new key, the key signature of, “A Major.”

Exercise 2).
The Key of "A Major"

1st Phase Chord Sequence:
  • "A" Major (the Root)
  • "G#" Minor (the first interval of Diminished)
  • "F#" Minor (the 6th chord)
  • "E" Major (the 5th chord)

Example 3).

2nd Phase Chord Sequence:
  • "D" Major (the 4th chord)
  • "C#" Minor (the 3rd chord)
  • "B" Minor (the 2nd chord)

Example 4).

As you can tell, this practice method is not only fun to do, but it sounds pleasant and it covers a number of important areas of skill development.

Think about it, we have the chance to learn how to get better with right-hand plucking, and Hybrid picking, we get to study the key signatures, we learn more about our guitar neck layout and we have the chance to cover 2-note harmony. All in all, this is one great exercise!

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