How Much Can You Learn in a Day?

How much can we learn about guitar in a day? Is it determined by our natural talent? Or, does talent even remotely matter? Whatever your limitations are, I can guarantee you that they do not cement you to a life of being a 'mediocre guitar player! With the right practice approach, you can advance more than you think on a daily basis...

There are definitely things to be said about a guitar player’s; mind-set, their motivation level and their ability to be logical about their own personal limitations.

Those areas would generally be ones that are influenced by our life experiences, our parents and the genetic code that they’ve passed on. But, your limitations (whatever they are), do not cement you to a life of being a 'mediocre guitar player!


If you apply the right methods, you can learn a lot more than you think in a day’s practice session... But, before you start saying to yourself, Hey, Man,Why does this guy think that he knows how much I can learn in a day?

Before you start to consider that, I want to state clearly (up front), if you are going to make some determination about how much can be absorbed within one day of guitar practice, you’re going to need to understand how much information that your mind can; take in, put to use and then retain within one day.

That part of the equation will be different from person to person.

I’d like to start by saying that Motivation is one of the main drivers behind a person’s ability to apply themselves when learning guitar. Because playing guitar is not easy, its a physical skill, (it’s a high degree motor skill), a skill that requires, a lot of coordination plus excellent visual and, spatial awareness.

And, that means we need to step into all of this realizing that being highly motivated to learn new ideas on guitar, is “one part” of the equation, but it won’t be enough.

We need to consider our personal limits too. Personal limitations are really important to understand because not everyone takes in what they’re studying in the exact same way. We all have different perspectives on what we’re practicing and we all prioritize topics differently.

Not to mention, some people have areas of musical ability that they’re much better at, and of course, areas that they are really weak at. So, make sure that you count “Personal Limitations” as a factor that might slow you down during your day.

Be sure not to do what a lot of students do which is neglect the topics that they’re bad at. The trick (when it comes to dealing with personal limitations), is just to simply give them equal time in your day. And, that brings us to our next subject of establishing, “Topic Categories.”

In the most general sense, guitar practice can be segmented into six topic categories… starting with your; “Warm-Up Drills” and then getting into; academic topics with lessons on; “Chords and Rhythm Guitar,” “Scales and Arpeggios,” also, “General Guitar and Music Theory,” then there’s Composing and improvising, plus the study of "Learning Songs."

So, with these six topics, (and I do understand that there can be more lesson and training topics), but if we start by focusing on these six we’ll be able to clarify one of the most important aspects of practice, which is determining, “How Much We Can Learn in a Day.”

Remember that this will get balanced against how motivated we are to hit each topic while moving through a wide group of subjects and experiencing a very broad scope of material.

But also, we need to remain aware of our personal limitations. Once your practice day encompasses a large volume of topics and you know your limitations, you’re going to be able to learn a lot more in each day’s session.

And, when this concept is combined with the next idea I have for you, you’ll also start getting a lot more done in each practice session as well.

Have you ever been in a situation that required an overwhelming number of tasks be completed in a structured order and sequence?

Or, maybe you’re used to working with highly complex machinery like perhaps flying an airplane? Well then, if you are then you already understand that using a list to break-down a large series of steps that are involved with any complex operation will (with near certainty) confirm that the task your going to do will go off without any problems.

This exact same principle also applies when it comes to getting the most out of your guitar practice. By using a list, you can achieve a lot more than if you don’t.

But, if you also set time-frames for each item on your list, then you’ll really be doing something cool, you’ll be using “Speed Learning,” (also - often referred to as), “Accelerated Learning.”

When you use a list (with time frames built into it) you’ll gain a better ability to move through subjects more thoroughly. And, you’ll also be able to practice more material, (in each practice session).

This means that you’re going to be able to fit in more practice every day, and using this system will also help you become far more well-rounded which means you’ll slowly eliminate those weak areas in your playing that we referred earlier to as your areas of, “Personal Limitation.”

So, let’s re-cap a few things before we wrap up this post...

Be sure to start with a sense of Motivation each day. All this means is that you'll need to find something that can inspire you to really dig in for some serious practice!

Then, organize your list. Write down what you want to practice on that day, that week and within the month.

Once you have your list, set time frames for how long you’re going to study each topic. Be sure to include some breaks in there so you can keep your mind working fresh and clear for every topic.

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