Ten "DIFFERENT" Must Know 7th-Chords

Have you spent any time studying the seventh chord shapes on guitar? These chords are not exclusive to jazz music. The seventh qualities can be found in dozens of varied music styles. In this lesson, I demonstrate the patterns of 10 popular seventh quality chord types. Once you get these patterns down, you'll open up a whole new world of sound into your guitar playing...

Chords are absolutely integral when it comes down to being able to build a solid skill set for playing rhythm guitar. There are a lot of different chords to learn, but far too many players allow chord study to take a back-seat after learning two popular chord categories.

The popular categories include; the open position shapes and a few of the movable barre-chord patterns. Don't allow yourself to stop there. Learn as much as you can about the seventh chords. They open up a whole new world of sound.

In this video, we’re going to move into the area of 7th chords and study TEN “Different” 7th-chord patterns on the neck.


These shapes are going to be of a great value to your playing ability! Seventh chords are used in all kinds of music styles.Their application is vast, so incredible benefits can come form the study of their layout and application in music.


1). Diminished 7th (also called Fully Diminished)

2). Minor 7(b5) /also called ½ Diminished

3). Minor 7th

4). Dominant 7th (b5) /also Dom. 7 Dim. 5th

5). Dominant 7th (the Dominant Chord)

6). Dominant 7th (#5) / the Dom. 7 augmented 5th

7). Major 7th

8). Minor /Major 7th

9). Major 7th (b5) /the Maj. 7 Diminished 5th

10). Major 7th (#5) / the Maj. 7 augmented 5th

Learning how to play interesting chord patterns like these is only the beginning. The real learning comes from the application of these patterns across chord progressions from many different types of music.

Luckily, pretty much all of these chords will be found in popular music styles from; Rock songs, and Top 40 music, as well as, Blues, they’re a big part of; Jazz, Country, Soul music, R and B, Hip-Hop, Motown, Classical music… the list is most certainly long of where you’ll find them, because these chords are going to show up in all kinds of places musically.

So, learn the patterns, and get used to playing them in songs. And, be sure to compose some of your own original pieces using them as well. Actually, that’s often the best way to commit them to memory.

Over time, these chords will get easier to play, and your ability to understand their functionality will get also easier as well.

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