GUITAR TECHNIQUE 016: Developing Basic Fingerpicking

October 28, 2018:
Developing Basic Fingerpicking

 NEW  This unique Creative Guitar Studio course  explores exercises for increasing dexterity and coordination between the hands. The goal of the course is to increase awareness, mobility and control.

Lesson 016 of Guitar Technique covers several beginner level fingerpicking concepts that will help guitarists, (who are new to fingerstyle), learn the basics of this technique.

The basic fingerpicking studies found in this lesson will offer players a chance to start controlling the use of their plucking-hand fingers for single note lines and chordal playing.

Fingerpicking exercises provided throughout this lesson will help with critical skills such as; finger location to string and finger to note tracking. Melody practice and arpeggiated wide interval drills will help take the technique up to higher skill levels.

Part one and two of the lesson will demonstrate exercises for controlling finger location and note tracking. Part three and four of the lesson will introduce fingerpicking performance options for more melodic control along with how to use wider intervals.

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PART ONE: (Free on YouTube)
Exercise one uses different picked and plucked ideas to help gain better awareness for the control of finger to string location.

PART TWO:  Exercise two focuses on tracking notes across string groups. Examples of this concept are shown as both "in position" and performed as linear.

Exercise three involves the study of fingerpicked phrases that move across chordal ideas using short melodic passages.

PART FOUR:  Exercise four involves the application of larger intervals used in fingerpicking chord patterns (by way of open string melodic drills).

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