How to Make Lead Guitar Practice More Fun


How to Make Lead Guitar Practice More Fun

For a lot of guitar players, ripping out a solo can be intimidating. The prospect of hitting wrong notes, of freezing up, of getting lost on the fingerboard... 

The fear of hitting any number of "in solo" potential disaster zones can be downright scary. If we're ever going to have success with playing lead guitar, we need a plan to follow when we're practicing that will help us once we hit the stage. 

Once we have a plan in place, the leads that we play at rehearsals will feel more connected. When we jump on stage our lines will come together better and our success will help us build more confidence. Over time, the success and the confidence will be there prior to playing the first note of our solo, and guitar improvising won't be something feared, it'll be something that's looked forward to.

On this episode of the, "Guitar Blog Insider," were going to discuss how guitar players can improve their solos, by making lead guitar practice a lot more fun!

How to Make Lead Guitar Practice More Fun



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