Blues Pentatonic Guitar Solo

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Every guitarist enjoys spending time learning lead lines and solos... 

When we do this work, we learn new techniques, new ways for phrasing parts, and new ways of playing our scales all along and across the guitar neck. And, one of the most popular scales to study is the "Blues Scale."

When I was studying scales, it was always fantastic to discover any type of new lead guitar idea. I could take the new ideas and integrate them into my own playing allowing me to better understand the scale, and how it could be applied. With every new guitar solo, I was able to learn a new concept to help further my musical studies.

In this video, I'm going to breakdown a 12-bar blues solo in the key of, "C Blues." First, I'll play through the entire part, then, I'll run through each line - measure by measure - (four bars at a time), so as you follow along with me, you'll be able to fully understand the entire solo
. Enjoy the lesson!

Blues Pentatonic Guitar Solo

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