Micro Lesson 232: "F# Major" Jazz-Fusion Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 232"

This  Micro Lesson runs through a Jazz-Fusion Chord Riff in the key of, "F# Major." 

The chord progression  applies a series of, "Triad Over Bass-Note," chords that operate mostly within the key of, "F# Major." However, at the end of this 2-bar phrase, the progression borrows harmony from the parallel-minor key (F# Minor), to produce an effect in harmony known as "Modal Interchange."  

Starting in measure one of the riff we find an, "F# major," chord played with a, "B," tone in the bass. This shifts over to a, "C# major," chord which applies another, "B," tone in the bass. The interesting use of these, "B," tones applied as bass-tones occurs from the octave displacement of the "B" bass tones. One "B" (the second chord's "B") is performed an octave lower. 

In measure two, the "F# major" harmony gets extended out to a 7th quality chord on the first beat. The chord is. "F# maj7/A#," and produces a rich color at the start of the measure. The last two chords are "A/D," and "B/E," chords. These chords are not from the key of "F# Major," but rather are borrowed from the parallel key of "F# Minor." This is a very popular sound in Jazz-Fusion called "Modal Interchange." 

Have fun learning this riff. The chord fingerings may feel awkward at first, but in time you'll memorize the fingering. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 232: "F# Major" Jazz-Fusion Riff