England's Nottingham College to Offer World's First Degree in Heavy Metal

The World's First 2-year Degree in Heavy Metal Music is set to start in September 2013 and will include unique modules like; the role of heavy metal on films and video games, and the history of heavy metal. It will also cover typical music degree subjects such as music business and other music theory.

Students at the New College Nottingham (NCN) will not only learn how to write and perform Metal songs. They will also study the history of the genre, which features such luminaries as Black Sabbath's Ozzy Osbourne, (whose best known antic was biting off the head off a live bat). And, how religion is a large part of this musical style.

The new first of it's kind degree has also met with plenty of resistance from other music professors in England. New College Nottingham (NCN) is under attack by education campaigners for offering a two-year heavy metal degree.

This unique degree is considered by many as the first of its kind, but the Campaign for Real Education group is saying that it is a complete, "waste of time".

However, the school stands by the degree, which was developed by Liam Maloy, a lecturer in music performance at NCN for seven months. Far from being like a music tutorial or lesson, the Heavy Metal Degree is designed to be academically rigorous course that tackles everything from history, theory and actual performance.