Expert Advice to Spice Up Your Chord Progressions

Have you become bored with doing simple chord strumming? Are you ready to move your chord playing up to the next level and really spice up your playing? Well... You're in luck! This lesson is going to be fantastic for you and for your rhythm playing! 

In this lesson, I’ll run through a number of ways that you can practice rhythm guitar using ideas that will work to enhance the chord progressions that you play as you're performing one chord moving into another.

The methods that we’ll study will include how to add, “Single-note Bass Runs and Fills,” adding, “Connecting Bass Lines,” using, “Alternate Bass Notes,” and how to add the articulated sounds of “Arpeggio-Style Patterns.”


Example #1).
Single-Note Bass Lines

Example #2a).
Picking Across Chords with Arpeggio-Like Patterns.

Example #2b).
Picking Across Chords with Arpeggio-Like Patterns. (Complex)

Example #3).
Chromatic Passing Chords

Example #4).
Connecting Bass-Line and Alternate Bass-Notes

Adding subtle articulations to your chord progressions will give you the sound of smoother and better connected chord changes.

It’s a fairly easy technique to add in, plus many of these can be added all at the same time – and used together.

The result will end up producing a sound to your chord progressions that will come across as if you’re performing a two-part arrangement, but done all on your own. The best part is, that these techniques can be done using finger-style, or they could be played pick-style done entirely using your flat-pick.

So, give these ideas a try because adding in these techniques will really go a long way to help you spice up your chord progressions.

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