RHYTHM GUITAR 012: Country Strum Patterns

August 24, 2018:
Country Strum Patterns

 NEW  The twelfth lesson of "Rhythm Guitar" covers Country Strum Patterns. Examples of the most common country guitar strums are introduced. Alternate bass notes and accent lines are the focus.

The lesson twelve material is organized around 3/4 and 4/4 time with examples of ballad strumming, alternate bass, back beat accenting and faster strumming with 16th-notes. There's also a section dedicated to the application of moving bass lines.

A bonus for BASIC and PREMIUM web-site members are the (9) MP3 play-along tracks that will help with learning each rhythm example. 

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Join the member's area to download the PDF handout and MP3's. Study all of the examples with full access to both video lessons. Be sure to spend some additional time on learning the "Rhythm Jam Challenge" piece that I performed at the start of the lesson in the "Part One" video...

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PART ONE (free on YouTube):  Example one explores ballad strumming in the country feel. This "waltz style" application focuses on the most common chord harmony used in the country style, (the "I-IV-V").

This time signature of example one is 3/4 waltz time. It also applies the popular country music, "alternate bass-note" process of playing the chords "root" into the chords third or fifth degree

PART TWO:  In example two, the rhythmic feel changes from 3/4 to common time (4/4) with a back-beat accent applied through an emphasis of the up-beat of two. 

In example three, a steady sixteenth-note groove is applied with traditional country music style alternate bass.

The feel is steady and consistent with down - up alternate strumming leading the way across a consistent beat that incorporates root and fifth bass tones in the key of "C Major."


PART FOUR:  In example four, an eighth-note country strum pattern also adds a moving bass line that incorporates both alternate bass as well as, a melodic scale runs that connect one measure to the next.

The example four strum pattern applies chord shot emphasis upon the up-beat of both "1" and "2." However, around these chord shots are also follow-up melodic phrases that connect each measure.

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