GUITAR TECHNIQUE 011: String Bending Mastery

August 19, 2018:
The Art of the String-Slide

 NEW  This unique Creative Guitar Studio course  explores exercises for increasing dexterity and coordination between the hands. The goal of the course is to increase awareness, mobility and control.

Lesson 011 of Guitar Technique is a detailed lesson plan on string bending that focuses on the most popular bend techniques used in nearly every type of guitar oriented style of music.

Our lesson on guitar string bending will study how any finger of the fretting-hand can be used to either push upward, or pull downward, on any guitar string to alter its regular pitch.

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PART ONE: (Free on YouTube)
Covers the Basic 3rd-Finger Upward Bend Technique (bend distances include; one and a half step, Full, and 1/2)

PART TWO:  Example two is all about using fingers other than the most popular third to produce string bends. The other topic covered here in exercise two involves downward bending, (pulling the string toward the floor). The downward bend direction lessens the stress upon the fingers nail-bed.

Exercise three is an overview of one of string bending's most unique elements, the "Pre-Bend /Release." This bend technique will first push a note up with no sound, and then (while held-up bent), the string will be struck and then released. The overall effect of this unique sound is often referred to as the "crying bend."

PART FOUR:  Exercise four studies how to apply bending with double tones (2-note chords). This technique is sometimes called "Chordal Bending." Although, doing true chordal bending, customarily requires the grip of an entire chord, we will be applying this concept with only two tones.

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