GUITAR TECHNIQUE 010: The Art of the String-Slide

August 05, 2018:
The Art of the String-Slide

 NEW  This unique Creative Guitar Studio course  explores exercises for increasing dexterity and coordination between the hands. The goal of the course is to increase awareness, mobility and control.

Lesson 010 of Guitar Technique offers the opportunity to expand knowledge and practical skill for the art of using position sliding technique on the guitar fingerboard.

This string-slide lesson contains six exercises that are designed to help players achieve smooth and accurate string slide movements along and across the fingerboard.

The exercises break down several applications of this technique that include upward and downward slides, along with slides that move along and across the strings shifting through several positions. 

Part one and part two of the lesson introduce string sliding with diatonic single and multiple string slide exercises. In parts three and four exercises demonstrate examples of both upward and downward string slides, (along with using string-slides combined with legato technique).

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Exercise 1a, Second string slide study traveling upward. This exercise moves the string slide along the second string with intervals added as travel tones on the first string.

In exercise 1b, Second string slide study traveling downward. This time additional "travel-tone" intervals are added below on the third guitar string.

PART TWO:  Example two focuses on shifting position laterally as well as, going across multiple string groups vertically. Two exercises provide ways of developing the smoothest application of string sliding along and across strings.

The riff in example 2a, applies an upward movement sliding position on the 4th to 2nd string group. Several strings are alternately used for achieving multiple position changes across the neck.

The riff in example 2b, changes direction to incorporate a downward string slide concept that smoothly changes positions along the fingerboard from 10th to 2nd fretting positions.

Exercise three incorporates a blended approach to using string slides across multiple positions. Since so many positions are crossed over, care must be taken with respect to all applied fingerings.

The run in exercise three uses the 5th through 2nd guitar strings. Lowest note is a fifth fret 6th string "A." The highest tone is located up at the tenth fret of 2nd guitar string.

PART FOUR:  Exercise four will additionally include legato technique (hammer-ons and pull-offs) with the string-slide concept. The mixing of string-sliding with legato adds a new challenge to the overall skill level required for performing the part.

This key of "G Major" exercise functions from the fifth fret of 4th string all the way up to the 1st string twelfth fret. The distance is substantial, so be sure to practice the line up to a point of memorization prior to building speed.

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