Absolute Beginner - Jazz Guitar Chord Lesson

If you love the sound of jazz and its unmistakable harmony, then this lesson will be fantastic for you. In this post I'll run through a popular Minor Key jazz progression that covers some of the most popular easy to play jazz chord voicings...

On this lesson, I’ll be teaching you each of the chord patterns that you will see and hear me play in the jazzy chord progression I perform at the start of this video.


These are some of the most popular jazz patterns for guitar players, and if Jazz is a new style for you, these chords (and how they're applied in this progression), will be an excellent place to begin. This lesson will hold as especially valuable if you are just learning about jazz guitar…

The Chord Patterns:

Bars 1 - 4:

Bars 5 - 8:




The downloads will include detailed chord diagram images that will show you exactly how to fret each of the shapes I just played.

Once you build up some skill with these examples, you’ll start noticing a whole new level of ability and control for starting to use jazz chords on guitar. 

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