QwikRiffs #013 - Double-Picking Hard Rock Riffs in "A Minor"

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QwikRiffs are available to members at Creative Guitar Studio.com. Lessons in the QwikRiffs Series run through collections of rhythm guitar riffs covering all types of playing styles. I cover different 'famous artist' playing approaches and I will demonstrate ideas based on rhythm guitar techniques... 

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Episode #013 covers three "Hard-Rock A Minor" Riffs.

Riff one applies strict alternate picking through a steady double-picked riff idea. The bulk of the phrase is entirely double-picked. The resulting phrase is very driving and produces a strong and connected statement. 

Riff two focuses on intervals with a common sounding bass-tone double picked riff that tags intervals of; minor 3rds, major 3rds and power chords. 

Riff three takes double-picking through an octave and applies the upper octave tone using hybrid picking style. Every bass tone is double-picked with the upper octave plucked using the hybrid technique. The approach used in riff three allows for fast octaves applied around the effects of the driving feel generated with lower tone double-picking.

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