10 Important Guitar Techniques

Guitar technique is critical to developing smooth and accurate playing ability. On this episode of the "Guitar Blog Insider" I explore how guitar players can expand their general playing skills through ten of the most popular guitar techniques...

Back when I was getting started learning guitar, everybody would automatically just get a guitar teacher. 

But, these days (with all of the guitar lessons that are available online, and all of the guitar lesson videos on YouTube), it comes as no surprise that most of today's guitar players out there are choosing to go at it alone when it comes to learning guitar.


Going at it alone, (as most players discover along the way), can be challenging. The two big issues that are causing players problems are:

#1). A lack of order to their study routine, and...

#2). Student's have no one around to answer their questions, (and judging by how busy my Skype lessons are, there's no shortage of questions).

When it comes down to some of the most popular questions that I'll receive, they'll generally have to do with topics like; music theory, scales and modes, and the most popular - technique. Out of them all, "Guitar Technique," is one of the most popular topics.

When it comes to discussing important guitar playing techniques, there are ten that I feel should be explored as soon as possible by new guitar players. So, let's jump into reviewing what these are and how to begin getting them incorporated into your playing...


01). Legato (Hammer-ons and Pull-offs)
02). Slides
03). Octaves and other intervals
04). Vibrato (slow and fast)
05). Hybrid Picking (pick with middle, ring and small)
06). Double-Stop Harmony
07). Bends (full, 1/2, 1/4)
08). Harmonics (natural and artificial)
09). Two-Hand Tapping (keep it simple)
10). Finger Picking / Classical / Folk Fingerstyle

These ten guitar techniques are an excellent cross-section of both articulation and embellishment playing ideas. And, they are extremely helpful for what new guitar players need to explore, (as soon as, possible), in order to gain a solid foundation for learning essential playing technique.

Study them on their own, toss them into your improvisation routine, and most importantly, listen carefully, to how these techniques are applied by all of your favorite guitar players.

Over time, your technique will improve and these techniques will become unique to your own playing style.

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