Ways Musicians Get Ripped Off (And How to Avoid It)


Ways Musicians Get Ripped Off (And How to Avoid It)

Getting ripped off sucks... Doing a professional job on a musical performance gig, and then getting stiffed at the end of it all, is one of the worst things a musician will face...

It happens a lot more than most people realize. As a musician we play a gig and at the end of the night we don't get paid. It took a number of bad experiences for me to become clear on what was going on in these situations. I realized that I needed to avoid certain settings and people for things to improve. 

Professional musicians need to learn how to become mindful in advance, (before getting into a playing situation where you could get stiffed). Sometimes, it's as simple as watching for certain hallmarks. Other times, musicians need to break ties with certain people. Some of those people may even get upset that you are not happy about playing gigs for free.  

Some players simply do not understand why other musicians won't play free shows, or shows that pay next to nothing. That's their thing however, not yours. You have bills to pay, and you don't have another job. 

The most important thing about playing gigs (for professional players) is to not  fall into really obvious traps where you'll get ripped off. In this episode of the "GuitarBlog Insider," I'm going to discuss ways that you could get ripped off, as well as, how to avoid them before they happen.

Ways Musicians Get Ripped Off (And How to Avoid It)



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