Guitar Teacher from Hell


Guitar Teacher from Hell

Bad Guitar Teachers can be just horrible to deal with. Mean spirited and uninterested instructors can make your guitar learning experience a living nightmare. Learn how to spot awful guitar teachers and how to rid yourself of them - for good...

Taking guitar lessons should be fun. It should be a friendly, enjoyable, professional experience that you look forward to each week. Filled with awesome tips and tricks for learning songs, scales, theory and so much more.

Going to a guitar class should be all about learning music and how to use of all of the "left and right hand guitar techniques." And, the teacher should be focused on you for the entire class.

Guitar lessons should be all about playing guitar properly with easy to follow handouts and a solid guitar curriculum. The proper study of interesting guitar and music related topics would be exactly what you'd expect from lessons... Wouldn't it?

In the grand scheme of things, guitar lessons 'should' be all about learning how to play better, with additional material on understanding music theory, rhythm and how music is notated. In a professional guitar lesson, these topics should come together to create the students ultimate experience of a solid music class. However, many times students get stuck with awful teachers, we'll call, "Guitar Teachers from Hell."

So, what happens when you get a really bad teacher, (a Guitar Teacher from Hell)? 

These types of instructors are generally only there to take your money, and offer you very little of value in return. They'll ignore you in a lesson, forget what you're doing and not bother to follow-up on any material. Frankly, they could care less about you, or how you're doing!

How to Spot a "Guitar Teacher from Hell"
Does the teacher have a really bad attitude? Are they friendly and caring toward you, or are they mean? Do they perhaps have little to no professionalism leaving you feeling upset week after week? 

Aren't they supposed to help you grow into a better guitarist?

If your teacher has the traits listed above, you've likely ended up with a "Guitar Teacher from Hell," and this GuitarBlog Insider will take a look at just how nasty these types of teachers can be, and what to do about it if you get one.

Guitar Teacher from Hell



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