Do You Need Fretboard Lights Show You How to Play Guitar?

Courtesy of Guitar World...

Can we get better faster by using lights on our guitar frets... or is it just a silly gimmick that's a waste of our time and our money?

Question: Is it just me, or have we been seeing a lot of new "learn how to play guitar the easy way!" contraptions during the past few years?

Answer: It's not just me. In fact, we've got another one to tell you about right now.

Check out a demo video for the new FretX.

It's basically a series of colored lights that attaches to any fretboard and shows just-learning guitarists where to put their fingers to help them with their chord and/or scale playing. An iOS/Android app then sends Bluetooth signals with chosen chord fingerings, which tell the FretX which lights to illuminate.

You'll notice the device covers only the first four frets, so don't expect to shred like Steve Vai — at least not right away.

Seriously, what do you think of FretX? Could it be a practical learning tool for beginners? Or, is it just a scaled down version of the fret-light guitar?

FretX has launched an Indiegogo campaign; it will retail for $89, but early adopter packages are available for $49. It's compatible with electric, acoustic and/or classical guitars and works for righties and lefties.


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  1. First of all, that video was so badly done, my gosh, who approved that? Anyway, this product looks like a bush league version of the fret-light guitar. The stick on led lights and the cheap app that only works on the guitars first few frets makes this a total joke. You don't need either of them. Just a normal guitar and a lot of patience. Nothing will speed up the process. These are just gimmicks.

  2. It may help a first time beginner to learn basic chord shapes but IMHO it is more a useless gimmick. Once I tried to learn keyboard with a similar method and it did not help at all.

  3. It's like those stick on guitar notes you can buy at the dollar store. "Learn Guitar in 5 min." Comes with "Beginners Guide Booklet." Ha ha ha ha... Total BS and totally dumb. I wouldn't spend a dime on garbage like this. 100% Gimmick.

  4. I am a music teacher and had the chance to test it out in Paris. You know? at first I thought this is BS, I mean! How could this help me as a learner!? or even as a teacher? Well, the guys were there and didn't say anything, they gave me the guitar with the device and access to the platform. Man I can record the lessons I want to prepare and then my students just get to follow the lights as I load the video on their phones. I mean, no more need to be moving their fingers around, or having to talk for an hour on how to place for a Cmaj, they just put the fingers on top of the lights and that's it! Well, now that is something. I even tried the scales training, and as I play chords, the students can play the scales following lights, they get to improvise and practice. So I had to shut my mouth, I spoke to soon I think. You know? I'll admit it, I know that I know nothing. Peace ouT!