Biggest Danger Facing Guitar Players


Biggest Danger Facing Guitar Players

Guitar players face a great danger that slowly creeps up on us day after day throughout our lives. And, it isn't a danger we can see, or even realize is happening to us...

Guitar players face a great danger that slowly creeps up on them day after day throughout their lives. And, it isn't a danger the guitarist can see, like a mic cable we could trip on laying loose on a stage. It isn't playing a concert in the rain with a danger of being electrocuted, or a danger of walking back to your car on a dark street late one night after a gig. 

The danger is from something more silent and more subtle. We can't see it coming on. It happens so slowly we are oblivious to its great harm. If you haven't figured it out by now, the danger I'm talking about has to do with sitting for extended periods over many many years. 

Guitar players sit for long hours each day and we do it for years and years developing our playing skills. In modern times we not only sit to study guitar, but we also sit when we record and organize our music careers from our computer. 

Too Much Sitting Is Killing You!
People (Guitar Players) who sit too much every day (over 5 hrs.) are at an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and could possibly face shorter life spans, (even if they exercise). 

After many years of too much sitting, even taking the time to exercise later in life cannot completely counteract the health risks that come with sitting for a long hours every day.

This episode of the GuitarBlog Insider discusses the dangers of too much sitting and how you can take steps to change your life and protect your health. Guitar players will learn how to counter-act the health risks of sitting for prolonged hours. Changes can be made and methods can be introduced to get more motion into your day and in the end, add more longevity to your life.

Biggest Danger Facing Guitar Players



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