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Melodic Minor Guitar Parts can be a real challenge in the early days of learning this scale. It's layout combines the minor quality of the Natural Minor's lowered 3rd along-side the major 6th and 7th of the basic major scale... 

 This combination of tonal qualities creates a sound that can confuse the guitarists ear in the early days. It's a little bit minor, (in the lower note groupings), and it comes across as very major at the upper tones. This blend often causes the student a challenge when learning how to apply it. Plus, there is the scales very different harmony. It's got a few strange chord types within the harmony which often make it difficult to phrase melodies with. Plus they can also pose issues when trying to write good backing tracks. In this lesson, we'll take a look at a group of chord progressions built around Melodic Minor, (used as Jazz Minor). We'll also compose melodic lines over them.

PART ONE: Example one uses the harmony of "C Minor" and applies three chords from the key. The tonic, (Cm), II-chord, (Dm), and III-chord, (E aug.) are used to create a jam track. A melody is given built from "C Melodic Minor" scale. Example two uses chords of; "Cm," "B dim.," "G," F," and, "Am7(b5)." The effect of the diminished chords builds a unique sound in the melody line.

PART TWO: In the third example we focus on the unique I-chord of the "C Melodic Minor" scale. The tonic chord of Melodic Minor is a Minor /Major7 chord. This chord sounds great performed after the triad followed into a "Minor 6" chord. The example three progression moves from the "Cm," to the "Cm/maj7," to the "Cm6," and then to a "G7." A melody line is also provided to cover these changes. In example four the "Half-Diminished" chord is applied as "Am7(b5)." This effect is applied around the chords of "Cm," "Dm7," "Am7(b5)," and "G7." A corresponding melody ties everything together. Enjoy the lesson!

Composing Melodic Minor Guitar Ideas

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