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This week on the GuitarBlog we're looking at "Speed Learning" for Guitar... 

The way that we learn and memorize song parts (both physically and on our guitar neck) will vary from student to student. But, one thing is for sure - every time we learn a new idea we will process information differently (using a specific order and sequence). 

And, generally, if we can't quickly nail down a guitar part, we're likely not applying the correct sequence at that time. An effective solution is that of using a two part process. This process will; #1. involve several different learning strategies, and #2. have us designing a new group of learning sequences that cause the riff (or the lick) to become more highly aware to our senses. 

Applying a learning strategy like this will ultimately cause us to become more alert and responsive toward the guitar part that we are trying to commit to memory. Enjoy!

Speed Learning for Guitar

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