Micro Lesson 237: "B Minor" Funky Motown Rhythm

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 237"

This Micro Lesson works through a Funky Motown inspired rhythm riff that is based from within the key of "B Minor." 

The riff uses two chords from the key center to groove out on a slick rhythm pattern that applies both straight eighth note feel against a funky 16th-note pattern in the off-measures. 

In measure one we have the introduction to our groove which anchors the tonic chord of "B Minor." It enters upon the up-beat of one and uses a small segment of the "B Minor Pentatonic Scale" to bring in the riff. Measure two applies the upper-three strings of our "B Minor" triad in the 7th position. 

In measure three we have a great funky slide idea that transitions along the 4th and 3rd strings to highlight the harmony of our keys minor V-chord of "F# Minor." The moves are all lateral shifts along the "B Minor Scale" between the 4th & 3rd strings. In measure four our "F# Minor" triad appears to solidify the harmony and wrap up the jam in the guitars 2nd position. 

The groove is really easy to follow and a lot of fun to play. After you learn the fingerings and playing positions, turn on a drum machine and groove out to this funky two-chord jam. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 237: "B Minor" Funky Motown Rhythm


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