Micro Lesson 231: "C Minor" Flashy Scale Lick

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 231"

This Micro Lesson runs through a fast and steady 16th-note guitar lick from the key of "C Minor." 

The rapid fire lick works across the neck descending through the, "C Minor," scale from 10th position down to the to 6th. 

Starting from up at the 1st string, we begin with a hammer-on and pull-off idea. From there we double-back and play a descending sweep through a short 3-note, "G Minor" arpeggio, (the V-chord arpeggio for this key). At the mid-point of the first measure we execute a couple of position shifts using a combination of slides and legato. 

Another, "G Minor," arpeggio wraps up the first measure. Into measure two we find our lick ideas become based out of the, "C Minor Pentatonic Scale." These Pentatonic lines operate in 8th position out of the common 6th string root Minor Pentatonic pattern. 

The phrases in this lick do not offer too many fingering issues. However, the speed of the lick is what will require time to properly organize. Learn and memorize the parts prior to cranking up the speed. Over time, the metronome can be used to increase your playing speed. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 231: "C Minor" Flashy Scale Lick


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