Micro Lesson 230: "A Minor" Classic Rock Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 230"

This Micro Lesson explores a classic rock riff in the key of "A Minor." 

This riff operates as a two-part idea applying a primary riff along with four separate endings. The primary riff is set off of an open "A" 5th string. The phrase loops around that open "A" idea bringing in chord phrases from the key center. The first ending is covering a "D5 and C5" turnaround. The second idea plays off of the "C5" chord and drops the bass tone down a 1/2 step producing the sound of "B Augmented." 

The 3rd phrase uses the unique spacious nature of the, "add 4," sound to produce a very open chord effect just prior to the ending chord. And, the final ending uses the VII-chord as a Power Chord (G5), of the key, to pull the riff back to the top for a repetition of the entire part. 

This riff is reminiscent of the Classic-Rock verse structures found in hundreds of songs from the 1980's rock and metal era. Take your time learning each part. Commit the phrases to memory prior to developing speed. Pay careful attention to the chord fingerings. Especially on the 2nd ending. The augmented chord on that ending is a very fast move from the, "C5." Use a metronome or drum machine to build speed. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 230: "A Minor" Classic Rock Riff


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