Micro Lesson 227: "A Minor" Pop-Jazz Progression

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 227"

This Micro Lesson covers a series of chords typically found within pop-jazz and jazz-fusion pieces. 

This particular progression begins from a series of extended and altered chords up at the higher frets covering 11th and 9th chords. These chords are forming a chromatic descending line from their bass-tones. 

The chords found in measure one are unrelated to our key of "A Minor." But, they act to form the initial moves harmonically into the key center chords. This can be quite typical of song intro.'s in Jazz-Fusion and Pop-Jazz numbers. The later two measures form a groove locked down in the key of "A Minor" and apply the key's tonic, IV-Chord and VII-Chord. 

Take your time developing the groove and be sure to memorize each chord both independently as well as, how they transition from chord to chord. Many times the voicings used in Jazz-Fusion can be difficult. Not just on their own, (to properly fret), but they can be a challenge to play as a series across a progression. Work slowly with a metronome to develop your skill for these chord changes. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 227: "A Minor" Pop-Jazz Progression


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