How to Play Jazz Guitar

GuitarBlog: How to Play Jazz Guitar...

This week's "GuitarBlog" covers how to play jazz guitar melody and playing techniques. 

Jazz guitar is one of those styles that requires a traditional approach to learning it properly. Much like Classical Guitar, the only way to really understand Jazz is to purchase a "Real Book" of Jazz Standards and start learning all the traditional pieces. 

Learn the melodies, learn the chord changes, and learn the Theory for all of the harmonic devices, (and, don't expect much from this until you've learned at least 40 songs). 

I'd also highly recommend getting a good jazz guitar teacher as well. Forming a relationship with a knowledgeable teacher will help you a lot. 

In this video, I introduce a few of the basic ideas that will help get any guitarist started down the road of jazz melody. Enjoy!

How to Play Jazz Guitar

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