David Gilmour: How I Learned to Play Guitar

Courtesy of the BBC

Pink Floyd guitar champion David Gilmour talked with BBC about the very beginning of his six-string journey, singling out late folk icon Pete Seeger's guitar tutoring record as the crucial source of information.

He explained: "My only actual guitar instruction was with Pete Seeger's guitar tutor record. It was an LP with a big book, it had all the chords that you might need.

"It started out with a pitch pipe playing six notes of a guitar, so the most important thing was to learn how to tune it."

"The second band was teaching you how to play a D chord, which is three fingers on a guitar which you then strum, and then he sang some words so you could do a song, instantly, with just one chord.

"So from the beginning of learning the guitar I was learning singing as well. And singing is just as important to me."

Mr. Gilmour recently gave a cool, elaborate explanation on why his guitar playing sounds the way he does. Check it out here.

Pete Seeger passed away last year at the age of 94. He will remain known as one of the all-time folk giants and the author of such timeless songs as "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?," "Turn! Turn! Turn!", and "If I Had a Hammer (The Hammer Song)."

Check out the video below for more.


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