Producer Rages Against Performance-Enhancing Technology!

The man who brought us a vivid explanation on why bass players are "useless c-nts" has spoken again, this time around focusing on the way technology is destroying music, despite its good sides.

The guru's name is Glenn Fricker, and the only way to truly get the message he's trying to convey is to check out the clip below.

Bashing everyone and everything from Guitar Pro to Autotune and Beat Detective, Mr. Fricker took a stance that "technology has taken the place of talent," resulting in "bland, stale, and 'technically perfect'" recordings. The focal point of the clip - "The fans deserve better!"

You can hardly disagree with the latter statement, so if you're up for some quality raging, Asking Alexandria ripping, as well as bashing of "lazy" producers and musicians, the video below is a must-see. Check it out, now!


  1. AWESOME rant by this dude! Wicked.